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The town of Siracusa

Day trip to discover the city of Siracusa, a World Heritage Site

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Time about 4-5 hours

Founded by ancient Greek Corinthians, the city of Siracusa, a World Heritage Site, is famous for its rich history, culture, amphitheatres, and as the birthplace of the greatest mathematician in classical antiquity and one of the greatest of all time: Archimedes.
The city boasts one of the largest concentration of Greek ruins outside of Greece!

Tour of the superb archeological park (Neapolis) with its majetic Stone Quarries, the Greek Theatre, the Altar of Hieron II, the Ear of Dionisyus and the Roman Amphitheatre .

Wander around the charming, medieval narrow streets of the island of Ortigia, past romantically-crumbled Baroque palaces and churches. Admire the oldest Doric style temple built in Sicily and one of the most extraordinary buildings in the world: the Cathedral.

This tour also includes the visit of the church of Santa Lucia alla Badia where we’ll admire one of Caravaggio‘s masterpieces: The Burial of Saint Lucy. Recently restored in Rome, the painting will leave the viewer emotionally slayed.
The day ends at the fresh water spring of Aretusa where the papyrus still grows abundantly and whose history goes back to the earliest Greek colonists.

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